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After many years of practice in ClassiPress (oups ….since the beginning … )
we decided to do something more useful for the pagination.

With a only goal in mind: increase user experience

So the plugin was born:

ClassiPress Ajax Load Posts (cp-ajax-load-posts)

Working in: ClassiPress 3.3

all custom Classipress Child-Theme, Grid mod Child-Theme

1°) Suppress the waiting time when a next page is loading.
2°) let interacted user themselves.
3°) Let user focus in content.
4°) Let user browse the content they choose at their own rhythm

Price: $15.00

Some people can call this plugin : ClassiPress infinite scrolling .

Completely customizable to feet your needs CSS
Ready for any language . Poedit file embeded

cp-ajax-load-posts or ClassiPress infinity scrolling

Working on all pages:

  • Home page
  • categories page
  • search page
  • custom query page
  • all over where the pagination exist.

Cross-browser: work on all browsers

If user have no JavaScript enabled or is SERP engine
simply degraded into the number of page

Price: $15.00

How to activate it:

1°) like all plugins just use internal admin upload or add it by Ftp
2°) go to Plugin and activate it ….done
3°)Look for the plugin settings here: ClassiPress -> Ajax Load Posts

It works out of the box


ClassiPress Responsive

If you have any question before buying or after buying
please use the comment form below

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2 comments on “ClassiPress Ajax Load Posts
  1. Bongieto says:

    This is a great plugin. Makes my site more intuitive and sexy. after I installed it, my site looks really classy and professional. I will never go back to that 1 2 3 4 5 pagination again. Thanks Mr. Green. Hope you create more plugins like this.

  2. Fish says:

    No matter what type of site you have be it ecommerce (if selling products – it works a treat) or a general info site then this is a ‘must have’ plugin.

    It’s speedy, responsive and will improve the user experience on your site no end & well worth the small price.

    Thanks to the developers!

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